Creating Online Store with OpenCart (no coding) Training Course

Creating Online Store with OpenCart (no coding)

  • $240.00
  • 10 hours
  • Beginner
  • Instructor Led Classroom Training
  • Creating Online Store with OpenCart (no coding) training course

Course Overview

Our classroom based Creating Online Store with OpenCart Design training course shows everything you need to know to build e-commerce online stores by using OpenCart. The OpenCart is a popular, easy to-use, powerful, Open Source online store management program that provides everything to establish a fully functional online store from scratch in a short time.

This course gives you hands-on experience of using and managing OpenCart, helping you start feature-rich online stores. It also teaches you how to organise your online store effectively in term of products, payments, shipping, orders, and customer relations.

Skills Required

No previous experience of Web design, HTML, CSS is required. You should have basic computing and Internet knowledge.

If you do not have basic computer and Internet skills then we highly recommend you to attend our Computer Basics for Absolute Beginners course before attending this course.

  1. Introduction
  2. System Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Admin Interface
  5. Config Path / Data
  6. Catalog - Categories
    • General
    • Data
    • Design
  7. Products
    • General
    • Data
    • Links
    • Attribute
    • Option
    • Discount
    • Special
    • Image
    • Design
    • Extras/ Rewards
  8. Options
  9. Attributes
  10. Manufacturers
  12. Reviews
  13. Extensions
    • Shipping
    • Payments
    • Order Totals
  14. Modules
  15. Sales
    • Orders
    • Returns
  16. Sales Report
    • Orders
    • Shipping
    • Returns
    • Coupons
    • Tax
  17. Server
    • Store
    • Local
    • Option
    • Image
    • Mail
    • Fraud
    • Server
  18. Deployment


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