Bookkeeping and using Accounting Software Training Course

Bookkeeping and using Accounting Software

  • $360.00
  • 12 hours
  • Beginner
  • Instructor Led Classroom Training
  • Bookkeeping and using Accounting Software training course

Course Overview

This course teaches basic principles of book-keeping and covers manual bookkeeping techniques while learning to use an online cloud accounting software. The course is invaluable for anyone wishing to computerise their accounts, or who need to use a computerised accounts package, and do not have any previous accounts experience or formal training in accounts and finance.

Skills Required

No prior knowledge is needed.

  1. Introduction
    • Understanding difference between manual and computerised accounts
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Coding Accounts
  2. Sales Ledger
    • Setting up customer accounts
    • Making amendments to record
    • Entering Sales Invoices
    • Entering Credit Notes
    • Preparing customer statements
  3. Purchase Ledger
    • Setting up supplier accounts
    • Making amendments to record
    • Entering purchases invoices
    • Entering Credit Notes
    • Preparing remittance advice notes
  4. Bank and Credit Card Transactions
    • Recording sales receipts
    • Recording expenses receipts
    • Entering supplier payments
    • Bank reconciliation
  5. Nominal Ledger
    • Setting up nominal accounts
    • Correcting errors
    • Journal entries
  6. VAT
    • Understand the implication of being VAT registered
    • Understand the difference between standard and cash accounting for VAT
    • Understand VAT return
    • Preparing VAT return
  7. Reports
    • Aged creditor analysis
    • Aged debtor analysis
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit and Loss account
    • Monthly management account

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