Agile Project Management Training Course

Agile Project Management

  • $400.00
  • 10 hours
  • Beginner
  • Instructor Led Classroom Training
  • Agile Project Management training course

Course Overview

This course is designed for software professionals who wants to start with project management and want to understand various project management methodologies and terminologies related to Agile. The course is also for the people in project management or wants to go into project management. This course is ideal for Project managers, Product Owners, Development Team Members, Scrum Masters and delegates who want to step into this career.

An Exposure of an agile will be given at the end of the course in order to practice the concepts read/practiced throughout the course. The main aim of implementing the concepts on project is to make delegate comfortable in applying the practices in the projects.

Skills Required

No Prior knowledge of any project management business model is required though experience of conventional management techniques will be advantageous. Anyone with interest of agile will be able to pick up the concepts quickly.

Training Method & Price

We are providing this course through one to one training.

We also provide this course to a group of delegates onsite and offsite. Please contact us for a quote.

  1. Different models for the project management
    • Comparison of various business models/processes like waterfall, agile.
    • Introduction - Agile definition and Application
    • How Agile places among the project management methodologies
    • The different methods of agile
    • Where Agile is most relevant
  2. Agile Principles and Agile Model
    • Agile Mindset
    • Enterprise framework and delivery framework
    • Agile phases, planning and scaling
    • Practical Exercise
  3. Introduction to Scrum
    • Quick overview of Scrum
    • Roles, Meetings and Artifacts
    • Scrum Values
    • Scrum Theory
    • Scaling Scrum
    • Sprint review & Retrospective meeting
    • Practical Exercise
  4. Evaluation and Writing of User Stories in Agile
    • Write user stories and Acceptance tests
    • Write and evolve a Product backlog list
    • Update product backlog list with release and sprint plans
    • Be able to estimate
    • Practical Exercise
  5. Backlog Refinement Meeting & Sprint planning meeting
    • Recognize well-formed Product Backlog Items (PBIs)
    • Product Backlog Vs. Sprint Backlog
    • Timeboxing
    • Practical Exercise
  6. Kanban
    • Kanban Principles
    • Limit Work in Progress
    • Kanban boards
    • Empirical feedback
    • Practical Exercise
  7. Project Life Cycle
    • Applying Concepts on a Practical Project

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